The House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin

Product code: The House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin
The House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin
New on the market in April 2018 this House of Botanicals Old Tom gin is a collaborative effort celebrating the history of Old Tom gin in London and of the spirits production in Aberdeen. Made in a traditional copper still.  The first element of production rightly takes place in the UK capital with a distillation of juniper berries, angelica root, orris root, coriander seed, cassia bark, almond, orange peel and lemon peel creating a truly outstanding dry gin in its own right.​​​​​​​  This gin is then shipped to the dedicated production facility The House of Botanicals in Aberdeen and blended with delicate saffron and chamomile flowers.  To finish, and create the Old Tom style, it is sweetened with a hint of muscova​​​​​​​do sugars.

Nose: Golden yellow. Floral notes, spice and juniper dominate with earthy elements also noticeable 
Taste: The spice and juniper continue to shine alongside warming pine notes and hints of coriander, before leading into sherbet-y citrus and chamomile ahead of the finish 
Finish: Long and fragrant, everlasting complex sweetness and spice
Brand The House of Botanicals
Code The House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin
Distillery House of Botanicals
Country Uk
Bottle size 70cl
Strength 47%